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Solar Panels

51.2 V LFP 100 Ah Battery Module

u3 Battery Module.png
  • 5.12 kWh / module

  • up to 40 kWh Capacity with 8 modules

  • compatible with multiple inverter brands

  • designed to operate for >10 years

  • easy installation into a 19" Rack Cabinet

Reliably store your energy, for when you really need it

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. . . energy storage you can count on

Welcome to Mercuritas International Ltd., your gateway to cutting-edge Energy Storage Systems.


Since our 2012 launch in China, we've been driving innovation for a greener, energy-independent world.

At Mercuritas, we're your partners in excellence, serving retailers, resellers, distributors, wholesalers, and system manufacturers with top-tier battery solutions. Our product range spans residential and commercial battery energy storage, Li-Ion light electric vehicle batteries, portable outdoor storage, and 12V LFP automotive replacements.

Quality is our hallmark. We craft products with grade A materials, surpass certification standards, and resolve challenges with an on-site, hands-on approach. Consider us your dedicated development department in China.

our Segments

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Energy Storage Systems

We offer various off / on grid battery storage systems with high quality grade A LFP battery cells, capacities of 5 kWh to +80 kWh and operating voltages up to 450V.

Battery Replacement

12V LFP Batteries

Perfect for storage purposes such as UPS Systems, Storage Systems, or as an SLA automotive battery replacement for our car or motorbike.

Mountain Biker Performs Wheelie

LEV Battery Packs

We can design, develop and produce battery packs from 24V to +100V suitable for a variate of light electric vehicles, such as e-Bikes, e-Motorbikes, electro Scooters, Golf Carts, and much more.


Portable Power Storage

From 150W - 2400W, portable energy storage devices are the perfect companion for outdoor activities, emergency situations or back up power during a black out.

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