Mercuritas International Ltd., established in 2012, is a Shenzhen based company, specialized in manufacturing, development and the sales of Li-Ion battery pack solutions for companies all around the world.​

With a focus on high quality & reliability, we offer Li-Ion battery packs for various applications such as e-Bikes, e-Scooters, Storage systems, cleaning equipment and other electronic devices.

Following the latest required standards and regulations, such as IEC62133, EN13849, RoHS 2.0, CE-EMC, UN38.3 and MSDS, we support our customers everywhere to fulfil their local requirements and stay competitive on the market.

With our vast experience in development & design of battery packs, housings & Battery Management Systems (BMS), we help customers stand out with their very own battery system.

The One Stop Li-Ion Battery System Solution


Our Segments

e-Bike Batteries

We offer a wide range of e-bike batteries, from 24V to 48V with capacities from 5Ah to 25Ah and with various BMS options, we can satisfy any of your e bike battery needs.

e-Motorbike Batteries

We can design, develop and produce battery packs with 48V, 60V, & 72V and various high capacities suitable for e-Motorbikes.

Energy Storage Systems

We offer various off / on grid battery storage systems with high quality grade A LFP battery cells, capacities of 5 kWh to +80 kWh and operating voltages up to 450V.

Portable Power Storage

From 150W - 2400W, portable energy storage devices are the perfect companion for outdoor activities, emergency situations or back up power during a black out.

12V LFP Batteries

Perfect for storage purposes such as UPS Systems, Storage systems and other related applications.

They are also an ideal replace for SLA batteries.

Full Battery Customization

With about 10 years of experience in the field of battery R&D, we are able to design, develop and certify your own battery system on the highest standards, to help you exceed your competition.