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Develop your Battery with us

At Mercuritas, while our core business revolves around supplying high-quality batteries, we also offer a specialized focus on developing advanced Li-Ion and LFP battery systems from scratch.

Our journey begins with the inception of battery concepts, meticulously progressing through design and manufacturing stages. We pride ourselves in developing not just batteries but complete Battery Management Systems (BMS), battery housing, internal structuring, and rigorously testing them to meet the highest industry standards.

With years of experience under our belt, we make it effortless to navigate the intricate world of battery development. As your trusted partner, we effectively serve as your dedicated development department in China, allowing us to streamline projects, complete them ahead of schedule, and do so with remarkable cost efficiency.

Our mission is to simplify battery development, empowering companies to distinguish themselves in their respective markets with innovative and top-tier products. Discover how we can help you elevate your battery technology and drive your success forward.

our Development Process

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