Our battery solutions are being used by customers all around the world for various applications.

With our rich experience in the development and manufacturing of customized battery solutions, we are able to provide quality battery packs for nearly every field.

This section will provide you with a brief overview of the fields that we are working in.

Batteries for every purpose



More Power for your e-Bikes.

We design, develop, & manufacture reliable battery packs for e-bike and e-scooters based on our high quality standard and components.

We are capable to design various e-bike / e-scooter batteries ranging from 24V - 60V 


With SLA batteries starting to become history in this field, we have developed Floor Scrubber battery systems, which makes switching from SLA a breeze.

By using high quality LiFePO4 battery cells the advantages are almost endless, which an increased cycle life up to 2000 cycles just being one of them.


Power Solutions for Power tools.

Whether at home or on a construction site, having continues power with maximum freedom is one main component of getting the job done.

We offer battery packs power tools as an additional battery in peoples tool box or for your power tools a fresh start


Power anywhere, anytime!

Having a reliable power source in areas where electricity is limited or none existent can be a real life saver.


Being able to be charged with Solar panels enables you working off grid.


Having an UPS system is now a days an important component in many companies.

Our Storage solutions guarantee full protection against power outs / surges in order for your business to keep running


From Garden Accessories to Street lamps powered by wind and solar energy, we can provide battery packs for power on demand 24hrs.

Our battery packs allow your application to run independently with little to none maintenance.

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