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Preferred Cell Brand

General Battery Pack Information

Some use Watt-Hours (Wh) as a means of measuring the capacity of a battery. If you are not sure how this translates to Ah, you can use a simple formula to find this out:

Ah = Wh / V

Rated Voltage
Capacity Range

Customer Information

This information will be used to evaluate shipping costs and to find out some electrical information that depend on your country, such as power socket type for the battery charger and possible required certifications needed.

About this form

The purpose of this form is to simplify the inquiring process for e-bike or e-motorbike batteries, which in many cases can be a time consuming process. And time is precious.

The main focus is on the battery configuration and how we can contact you. Of course, the more we know about your company, the easier we find out how we can support you best.

Be assured, all the provided data will be handled with care and only shared internally for the purpose of providing the best service possible.

All the important information is marked with a star *) and is required.

BMS Requirements

Data Read Out

If "Standard BMS" is selected, the following 2 fields (Comm. Protocol & Data Read Out) are not required.

Smart BMS refers to a BMS used for after service purpose, to analyze the battery with a computer software.

Select "Customized" if you are working on a new battery development that needs a customized Smart BMS that communicates with the E-Bike system (controller, display, IoT, etc)

BMS Type
Comm Protocol

Housing Requirements

Housing Type
Controller Box

In case you have not yet decided on a battery housing, you can check both housing catalogues below for reference.

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Electrical System

Motor Wattage
Motor Voltage

The more information we have of your electrical system the better. This will help us to choose the right BMS system and evaluate the housing capabilities.

If some of the information is unknown, a picture of the motor and controller label is can be very helpful.

Charging Current
Power Socket Plug

Battery Charger

Should you already have a preferred charger brand and model, you can simply let us know the brand and model number to provide a battery / charger package.

Other Information

If there is any information that is unique to your battery, please let us know. Please also state your target quantity and at what time you will need the batteries.

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