An important safety component of any battery pack is its Battery Management System (BMS).

It is a electronic system that manages rechargeable batteries from single cells to complete battery packs. A BMS monitors and controls the charging and discharging process of a battery pack and protects it from operating outside its Safe Operating Area.

All of our BMS utilize highly sophisticated protective features, such as:

- Over-Charge Protection

- Over-Discharge Protection

- Short Circuit Protection

- Temperature Protection

- Over-Current Protection

Battery Management Systems

Phone App
End User
Service Provider

This cloud BMS is a revolution. It provides detailed information of the battery it is used with, stores information on a cloud server and even sends messages to the end-user or service provider based on triggers that have been set.

  • Battery hits end of its cycle life? Message sent to user/service provider

  • Battery is being over charged? Message sent to user/service provider

  • Battery is charging abnormal? Message sent to user/service provider

The features this BMS offers are:

  1. Support remote firmware upgrade

  2. Get battery location (can be set)

  3. When trigger conditions are met (such as on/off, there is a change in protection status, charging/discharging, etc., triggering conditions can be set as needed), the battery data is sent and stored onto the server.

  4. Remotely set battery information

  5. You can remotely check the battery data with your phone/computer, etc.

  6. Can collect battery usage data on a server for analysis and give customer suggestions on improved usage

  7. When the battery reports abnormal information (overcharging, abnormal charging, etc.), it sends a warning message to the customer/service provider

  8. The battery will automatically start when the load is connected, and automatically shut down when it is not connected.

  9. Battery information includes: battery voltage, cell voltage, currents, remaining capacity percentage, temperature, number of uses, battery location, etc.

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