Battery Management Systems

An important safety component of any battery pack is its Battery Management System (BMS).

It is a electronic system that manages rechargeable batteries from single cells to complete battery packs. A BMS monitors and controls the charging and discharging process of a battery pack and protects it from operating outside its Safe Operating Area.

All of our BMS utilize highly sophisticated protective features, such as:

- Over-Charge Protection

- Over-Discharge Protection

- Short Circuit Protection

- Temperature Protection

- Over-Current Protection

This BMS offers, besides common protection, also a data logging function where up to 128 charge & discharge cycles can be recorded.

That record is crucial for you to find out in what state the battery is. Also Should there be any problem coming up with your customers battery, this data helps you to determine the source of the problem.

Depending on the problem, this can avoid the costs of a new battery replacement, when sometimes an adjustment of the ebike would just do the job.

This makes our batteries perfect for after sales service.

Who does it work for?

This BMS is a must have for companies in the field of Bike Rental, Battery Service, Ebike Manufacturing or simply companies that want to offer great after sales service to their customers.

Accessible Data

- Voltage

- Current

- Cell temperature

- Remaining Capacity

- SOC in %

- Cycle count 

- SOH in % (State of Health)

- Time till fully charge

- Time till empty

- MOSFET temperature

- Sleep count down

Protection Features

 - Over-charge protection

 - Over-discharge protection

 - Cell Balance function

 - Over temperature protection

 - Low voltage protection

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